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Alaa Halawa

Alaa Halawa is the executive director of the San Francisco Bay Area-based venture capital business of Mubadala Capital, where he focuses on investing in venture and early growth-stage companies at the intersection of life sciences and technology. Among different themes in life sciences investing, Alaa is focused on how technology is enhancing the pharmaceutical industry, from drug discovery through drug development; and how technology – and in particular bio-informatics, artificial intelligence and machine learning – is enhancing disease diagnosis and healthcare delivery.

Alaa joined Mubadala in 2009, where he worked on designing and developing a technology cluster in Abu Dhabi focused on semiconductors through partnerships with Silicon Valley companies and academic institutions. Alaa then moved to the Bay Area to join one of Mubadala’s key assets in Silicon Valley, GlobalFoundries. In this role, he worked on a series of strategic, corporate development and transformation initiatives.

Alaa holds an MBA from Cornell University and a B.A. in electrical engineering from University of Jordan.